Union County General Hospital Lab

Laboratory testing is a common tool for detecting and confirming medical conditions and determining the best course of treatment.

Under the clinical supervision of a pathologist, the UCGH lab serves our patients with state-of-the-art test equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Outpatient Laboratory Hours are

Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tests done in the lab enable a provider to confirm a clinical impression, establish or rule out a diagnosis, monitor therapy, establish a prognosis, and screen for or detect disease.

Health Fair attendees wanting tests done: It would be helpful to print and complete this form then bring it to the Health Fair.

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UCGH Lab is COLA and CLIA Accredited

Our Lab is a COLA and CLIA accredited laboratory offering a wide range of inpatient and outpatient blood and specimen testing services.

CLIA is the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments which has been in effect for nearly four decades. Operated today by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services, CLIA is a laboratory certification process to ensure quality lab results.

COLA is a private, voluntary organization designed to augment CLIA. The mission of COLA and its members such as UCGH is to promote excellence in lab services rather than mere compliance. To achieve this mission, CLIA members receive regular training and education on best practices.

Medical Labs which are both CLIA and COLA accredited provide the most consistent, highest quality lab results in the nation. This means that patients receive accurate results leading to the best health care possible.

UCGH Lab Services Offer:

  • An experienced lab team consisting of board-certified laboratory scientists, technologists and a board-certified pathologist
  • Easy access
  • Test results communicated to providers accurately and promptly
  • Routine outpatient laboratory results communicated to providers in 24 hours or less

What sort of lab tests are available at UCGH?

Chemistry Lab Tests

Tests involving chemical reactions provide physicians and patients with insight into how well their body is managing chemicals. Sugar is a chemical and as such, determining blood sugar levels requires a chemical test.

Hematology Lab Tests

Hematology involves testing the blood; these tests are used for many purposes including in the diagnosis of anemia or infection.

Microbiology Tests

Microbiology involves growing cultures and examining them under a microscope to determine the organism causing problems. These tests provide information about infections and provide physicians with valuable information relating to treatment options.

Blood Bank Tests

At times a patient does not know their blood type, Rh factor, or other necessary information for receiving certain treatments. Blood bank testing determines the compatibility of blood for transfusion or other treatments.

Common Tests Provided by the UCGH Laboratory

Common testing which is performed by the Union County General Hospital Lab range from the simple to the complex. Some patients request certain tests independent of an order by their doctor while others must be ordered by a physician.

For instance, it is not unusual for a patient with Gout to periodically want to check up on their Uric Acid levels. Likewise, some people simply want to keep up with their cholesterol levels outside regular checkup with their doctor. The UCGH lab can provide such tests.

  • ANA Test
  • BMP Test (Basic Metabolic Panel)
  • CBC Test (Complete Blood Count)
  • CMP Test (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)
  • ESR Test (Sedimentation Rate)
  • Flu Test (Influenza A and B Screen)
  • Glucose Level Screening
  • Glycohemoglobin Test (Hemoglobin A1C)
  • hCG Test
  • HIV Antibody Test (HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab 4th Generation with Reflex)
  • Lipid Panel  (or Lipid Profile)
  • Liver Function Panel (LFT)
  • Lyme Antibody w/Reflex Immunoblot
  • Microalbumin, Urine Test
  • Mono Test
  • Pap Smear
  • PSA Screening (Prostate Specific Antigen)
  • PT Test (Protime)
  • PTT Test (Partial Thromboplastin Time)
  • Stool Culture
  • TSH, High Sensitivity Test (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)
  • Uric Acid Level Test
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine Culture Test

Located in Clayton, New Mexico, Union County General Hospital (UCGH) also proudly serves the communities of Texline and Dalhart, Texas, Boise City, Oklahoma, Des Moines, Raton, and Amistad, NM, and many smaller communities in the region.