Emergency Care

No one wants to make a trip to the emergency room, but when necessary, we all want the best possible care and treatment. Emergencies are just that...emergencies.

When life hangs in the balance and the best possible care is needed, the Union County General Hospital Emergency Care Center is here for you.

Efficient and attentive care is the key to treating patients in an emergency. The staff at UCGH is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your medical needs.

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UCGH Level IV Trauma Center

UCGH is a designated Level IV Trauma Center, equipped to handle most medical emergencies and to deliver advanced adult and pediatric life support. What does it means to have the designation, Level IV?

A Level IV Trauma Center provides advanced trauma life support (ATLS) and has demonstrated its capacity to provide such care and treatment. This care is provided prior to the transfer of critical patients to a higher level trauma center. The primary and initial goal is stabilization of the patient.

Furthermore, a Level IV Trauma Center provides evaluation and diagnostic capabilities for injured patients.

Level IV Trauma Center Elements Include:

  • Basic emergency facilities which implement Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) protocols and 24-hour lab services. Trauma nurses and physicians must be available upon patient arrival.
  • The center may also provide surgery and critical-care services.
  • The center will have transfer agreements for patients in need of more comprehensive care provided at Level I or Level II Trauma Centers.
  • The center maintains a comprehensive quality assessment program.
  • The center will be involved in prevention efforts.
  • It must have an active outreach program to reach referring communities.

UCGH has agreements in place with flight and ground transport services when further care is required at regional medical centers.

As a Level IV Trauma Center, Union County General Hospital provides the emergency and trauma services needed to protect against loss of life. If a trauma victim requires specialized services not available at UCGH, the trauma staff will work to get them stable for transport.

Once the patient is stable, the attending physicians will give the order to ensure the patient receive the care necessary to recover.

Learn more about the UCGH Level IV Trauma Center.

Located in Clayton, New Mexico, Union County General Hospital (UCGH) also proudly serves the communities of Texline and Dalhart, Texas, Boise City, Oklahoma, Des Moines, Raton, and Amistad, NM, and many smaller communities in the region.