Because Union County General Hospital is owned by the county we serve, we are governed and guided by community leaders who serve on our Board of Directors.

Our not-for-profit structure and community-based governance ensure healthcare resources are adapted to best meet the county's healthcare needs.

Robert Williams - Secretary/Treasurer

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  About Robert Williams


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Judith Cooper - President

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 About Judith Cooper

Contact: 575.374.2993

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Judy Steen - VP

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 About Judy Steen

Contact: 575.374.2290

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Craig Reeves

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 About Craig Reeves

Contact: 505.652.8227

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Tammie Stump - CEO

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About Tammie Stump

Contact: 615.305.2471

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Paul Briesh

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 About Paul Briesh

Contact: 575.278.3991

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