• Union County General Hospital
  • 300 Wilson Street
  • Clayton, New Mexico 88415
  • Phone: 575-374-7012
  • info@ucgh.net

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The nursing staff at UCGH is committed to optimal patient care. Whether acute or intensive care is required, our skilled registered nurses, aides and providers are trained to provide the highest level of care to patients. Our hospital is home to the following inpatient care programs:

IV Therapy - Considered the fastest route for delivering fluids, IV therapy allows medications and other fluids to enter the blood stream intravenously, or “in the vein”.

Acute Care - urgent medical situations are managed with ease in our up-to-date acute care rooms.

Intensive Care - for critical patients, our ICU rooms allow a private space for rest and treatment while staff carefully monitor vital signs, heart rhythms and other important functions.

Swing Bed Care – 24-hour nursing care for patients who have been discharged from inpatient care but still require therapy before returning home.

Telemetry – monitoring a patient’s heart activity via transmitter allows the patient to move around while still being analyzed.